Whispers from Angels

I will bring your loved ones close.


Quotes Hi Paua, I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me during the reading. Your observations were insightful and accurate, and I was amazed at how much you were able to see without any information provided from me. Your advice was straight to the point but also incredibly helpful to me. I came away from it with a remarkable sense of confidence and clarity. I really appreciate the thought you put into your work and the fact that you were intensely present with me when you did my reading. Thank you so much! I will be coming back for more. Quotes
Sonia Devine
Satisfied customer

Quotes Hi Paula :), both my Partner and I were very happy with our readings on Sunday ( from the Cranbourne expo) which you gave us, since then my partners' father has visited him :) . You are a very blessed lady and it is wonderful that you share this to us Thank You, Thank You, a Thank You. Bless You xxx Ann & Jim xxx :) Quotes
Ann & Jim
A Very Happy Reading

Quotes I was amazed at how spot on your reading was. You gave me chills and I had no idea my Mum who passed away a year ago, saw what happened on holidays from the spirit world. I will be back again for sure. Quotes
So spot on

Quotes Hi Paula, Thank you so much for doing my reading it was wonderful. My Mum also enjoyed hers and cant stop talking about it. You truly are gifted. Thank you for sharing it with us! Quotes

Quotes Hi Paula, it's Casey from last night. I just want to thankyou for the reading you gave me last night it was amazing!I also just want to let you know I was extremely impressed with your abilities and have referred you to many of my family and friends. They are blown away. P.S the kangaroo you were talking about that my nana showed you in the reading I didn't quite catch onto at the time was a brooch she gave my Uncle(her son) in America that he use to wear on his vest everyday Quotes
Extremely impressed with your abilities

Quotes Hello paula, i just had to share with you...the reading you gave me lastnight was spot on....Andy had trouble with a ladder today! He had trouble getting it tied down on the ute, it wouldnt fit properly!! my jaw dropped when he pulled up at work with the ladder sticking out the back of the ute!..keep up the good work Paula you are a true Medium Quotes

Quotes Lovely to meet you last night Paula - everyone on our table enjoyed your readings! Thank you ♥ Quotes
Jan Hunnibell
The Launching Place Hotel

Quotes Just wanted to say a very big thank you Paula, you've given me a lot to think about and some hope,and something to look forward to. I've started a letter to Tom, telling him how I feel etc. I will recommend you to my mates too. You made me feel very welcome and your home is a beautiful haven of peace. Kind Regards and God Bless you. Quotes

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